Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Exit polls show that 55% of white women voted for Trump in 2020, even more than the 52% who did so in 2016.

To those white women, I say: your internalized misogyny is poison. Your prioritization of white supremacy and fear of those who are different from you over the literal safety and health of our country is poison. You have been drinking and sowing poison from a man who hates women, despises…

Photo of US Capitol by Sogand Gh on Unsplash

There’s an alternative world in which the January 6 coup attempt is a successful bloody massacre. Where sitting representatives are lined up and assassinated, live on social media. Where female Democratic leaders are degraded and assaulted to the cheers of the crowd and the sounds of bullets firing in marble…

Lara Henneman

Telling stories 🖋️ Politics 🖍️ Parenting 🖊️ Travel.

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